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Security for Confluence Cloud is now free

We’re proud to announce that our second product, Security for Confluence Cloud, is now free!

Security for Confluence helps teams improve security, demonstrate compliance, and gain visibility into Confluence. Easily audit Confluence for credentials, API keys, credit card numbers, personally identifiable information (PII), and more.

With team members drafting all kinds of documents, both personal and in the course of work, it’s all too easy to expose sensitive information on these workspace platforms.

This poses significant risks both for security and compliance. Users could be posting passwords for network devices, private keys, or even personal credentials for highly sensitive systems. Not controlling this information can lead to privilege escalation, either by malicious users, or by an external attacker who has gained access to a legitimate user account.

User-generated content also complicates compliance; users often unknowingly personally identifiable information (PII), violating HIPA standards or GDPR.

Confluence simply has no built-in mechanism to detect and block pages that contain this sensitive information; the typical user workflows make this a simple omission even by well-intentioned users. Worse, the core functionality of these workspaces is to retain information across multiple document revisions. Once sensitive data is posted, it gets duplicated and exposed.

Our application integrates directly with Confluence to actively detect attempts to introduce sensitive information, accidental or otherwise.

Simple Implementation and Use

Setting up the app is just a couple of clicks away.

One installed, navigate to Apps → Soteri Security Scans to get started.

Security for Confluence provides a global overview of all spaces, as well as a per-space scan report. Trigger scans manually or enable automatic scanning to watch & flag every new edit.

Try it in Minutes

Don’t wait for sensitive information become a bigger problem; get Security for Confluence for free today! Find it in the Atlassian Marketplace and click the “Get it now” button.