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Introducing the Soteri Partner Incentive Program

We’re proud to announce the Soteri Partner Incentive program!

The Soteri Partner Incentive Program allows Atlassian Solution Partners to resell Soteri products at a larger discount than the default Atlassian model. This program will allow solution partners to quickly generate revenue while also helping Soteri grow its customer base.

Soteri’s security applications are highly desired within large Fortune 500 organizations. Security has become an unavoidable issue for these organizations as cyber-attacks are on the rise. 64% of all Soteri sales are made to customers with 1000+ users, with exceptionally positive feedback and essentially no churn. We believe the value proposition is very clear – the products just need some exposure.

This is a large potential market for Soteri and Solution Partners can create a significant new income stream for themselves by reselling Soteri products.



  • Soteri will provide resellers an 80% discount . The discount will be facilitated through an Atlassian Marketplace discount code.
  • An example of the Security for Bitbucket sale proceeds are as follows:
Tier Pricing Atlassian Partner Program Income Soteri Partner Program Income Difference in Partner Income
2000 Users $15,000 $3,000 $12,000 $9,000
5000 Users $19,000 $3,800 $15,200 $11,400
20000 Users $69,000 $13,800 $55,200 $41,400

Eligible Products

Sale Terms

  • Sales to new customers or customers upgrading from the old free version of Security for Bitbucket are eligible
  • Renewals are not eligible
  • Multi-year purchases will be prorated; the discount only applies for the first year.

Violation of Terms

Partners violating Soteri’s terms, by abusing the promotion code process to either sell Soteri products at a discount for more than 1 year or applying a discount to an already existing Soteri customer, will be terminated from the program.


Once enrolled in the Soteri Partner Incentive program, simply open a ticket at our support desk , and specify the customer name, instance size, and type of hosting. A Soteri agent will reply with the 80% discount code.

Applying to become a partner

Those interested in joining the Soteri Partner Program can apply here.