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Bitbucket Data Center Integration

Enhanced Bitbucket Secret Scanning

Over 100 companies and 200,000 developers rely on our secret scanning to audit, detect and remove secrets from Bitbucket Server and Data Center.
Global Security for Bitbucket Dashboard

Why choose Soteri Secret Scanning?

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Native Bitbucket Data Center Integration

No need to worry about 3rd party vendor compliance or reliability since Soteri's Secret Scanning is hosted within Bitbucket Data Center. Installation takes only 30 seconds. 


Easy Security Audits

Run secret scanning of already-committed content. Block new secrets from being committed. Export results as downloadable reports, or drill down from the global status all the way to an individual branch via our interactive Security Scan Report.

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Trusted by the Fortune 100

Trusted by some of the largest companies and organizations in the world, Soteri Security Scanning is proven and delivers results. Our dedicated 24/7 senior support team and extensive documentation makes Soteri the easy choice.