Introducing Soteri’s Scanning as a Service

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Graphic of the scanning app

Over the past year, multiple Fortune 500 companies in the defense, financial, and health sectors have deployed our proprietary technology to audit their repositories and document management systems for secrets, PII and more. We’re excited to announce we have now codified that technology into a REST-enabled cloud service.

Soteri’s Scanning Service gives access to the powerful scanning technology behind Soteri’s products, like Security for Bitbucket and Security for Confluence. Use Soteri Scanning to audit for login credentials, API keys, banking information, personally identifiable information (PII), and more.

You can interactively try out our REST API here. We also have provided a simple command-line client for scanning files, as an example of how to use the service. More details are available in our documentation.

Soteri Scanning will scan your content and flag any sensitive information that matches any of our built-in key patterns. We do all of this without storing any information, so rest assured your information will be kept secure. For best practices on what to do with found secrets, refer to one of our older blog post here.

Soteri’s Scanning Service will be rolling out to early adopters for free. We want to encourage adopters to integrate our Scanning Service into their tooling as quickly as they can, and we will roll out a licensing scheme further down the line.

We’re excited on what ideas users will come up with while using Soteri Scanning! If you would like a feature added, or have more questions, feel free to open a support request or send us a email at