Mitigate Insider Threats with Soteri Secret Scanning

Stop the threat of employees inadvertently exposing sensitive information in internal systems. Automate detection and alerting with Soteri.

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Soteri Is Protecting Top Companies

Trusted by the Fortune 500 because we don't phone home like other competing brands.

One Person Can Cause a Massive Security Incident

It begins when an employee jots down a password or adds an API key to the codebase.

Unfortunately, these mistakes occur frequently despite thorough training.

If an attacker enters the systems, they run scripts to scan for secrets. A single found secret may give the attacker keys to the kingdom.

Run your own automated secret scanners with Soteri and stay a step ahead of attackers.

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Soteri respects data sovereignty, ensuring your sensitive information remains secure, confined and never transmitted elsewhere.

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Cloud Applications

Rest easy knowing Soteri doesn't store the text of any of your content, nor use it as data to train AI models which themselves could be a target for attack.

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Local Applications

We are a totally offline solution meaning data never leaves the premises, prioritizing your privacy and security. While other integrations, like GitGuardian, may compromise your data, Soteri remains committed to safeguarding your sensitive information. In short, we never phone home.

For Security Pros, By Security Pros

Proactively detect secrets for early vulnerability identification and management

Seamless Security Integration

Blends right into your existing operations with native app integrations.

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Regulatory Compliance

Gain and demonstrate compliance for HIPAA, GDPR, CAIQ, and other leading security standards.

Robust Insider Threat Management

“Employees are your greatest asset and risk.” Mitigate an all too common mistake that is derived from human error.

Peace of Mind

Inevitably, a secret will be added to your systems. With Soteri's automated secret scanners in place, gain peace of mind knowing that these incidents will either be blocked outright or swiftly detected, with the appropriate personnel alerted immediately.

Key Product Features

Built to maximize your security

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Scan Old and New Content

Run automated scans to detect and even block secrets from ever entering your systems.

Run a manual scan to search through all content to find potentially years' worth of lurking secrets.

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Find Commonly Leaked Secrets, and Then Some

Have confidence in your secret scanning as 40+ secrets are automatically detected. Add unlimited custom rules to detect other sensitive information. We automatically detect SSH keys, private keys, API keys, credentials, financial information, and much more.

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Demonstrate compliance for GDPR, CAIQ, and More

Running automated scans to identify security issues can help you gain and demonstrate compliance for GDPR, CAIQ, and multiple other security standards.

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API for Scripting and Automation

Use the API to create automations that scan your systems, download the results, and automatically notify people about them. For more complex workflows, you can automate alerting the proper person/team depending on the secret found or where it was found.

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Try a Demo of Soteri

Find lurking secrets waiting to be exploited by attackers with our suite of secret scanners. Install our native apps for Bitbucket, Confluence, and Jira.

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Security for Bitbucket

Audit, detect, and prevent sensitive info from getting published to your repos.

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Security for Confluence

Audit and detect sensitive information lurking on your spaces and pages.

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Security for Jira

Secret scanner for Jira projects, issues, attachments, and comments.

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Security for IntelliJ

Detect secrets as they are entered into IntelliJ products.

Need a secret scanner for another product? Use our platform agnostic Scanning Service.