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Security for IntelliJ

Discover Sensitive Information While Coding in IntelliJ Tools

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Over 200,000 people rely on Soteri to audit, detect, and remove secrets.

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Works With All IntelliJ Apps
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Soteri Is Protecting Top Companies

Be Confident in Your Cloud

Without Soteri

  • Secrets get published
  • Attackers gain access to sensitive info
  • Financial damages in the billions of dollars
  • Damaged company reputation

With Soteri Scanning

  • Find sensitive info before hackers do
  • Protect PII and financial information
  • Comply with HIPAA and GDPR
  • Be proactive instead of reactive

Detect Security Issues in the Development Process

A plug-and-play IntelliJ security plugin that scans your code and queries for sensitive information so that common mistakes are caught before they end up in commits and logs.

How it Works

Three Easy Steps to Secure IntelliJ Apps

1. Install

Install from the plugin marketplace.

2. Detect

Real-time code scanning will alert you when a secret is found.

3. Secure

Remove the secret or click a button to add a pragma instructing the IDE to ignore the warning.


Built to Maximize Your IntelliJ Security

Eyes looking at code

Code scanning to audit for sensitive information

Pencil drawing a key

Built-in patterns for detecting leaked credentials, API keys, PII, credit card numbers, and banking information

Hand with warning sign

Ignore specific lines of code by adding a pragma

Shield with lock


We don't store or access your secrets.

IDEs and Tools

Soteri respects data sovereignty, ensuring your sensitive information remains secure, confined and never transmitted elsewhere. In other words, we don't phone home.

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