Commit Without Data Leaks

Soteri not only automatically rejects commits containing secrets when pushing to Bitbucket, but also offer an IDE plugin that detects secrets during development.

Soteri Is Protecting Top Companies

Trusted by the Fortune 500 because we don't phone home like other competing brands.

Don’t Let a Quick Test End in Disaster

We’ve all been there… while developing locally we add an API key to our code. But then bugs need fixing and a new must-have feature is escalated.

But then bugs need fixing and a new must-have feature is escalated. That API key is forgotten about and lurks in the code. Until one day the network is breached and an attacker uncovers the secret.

A disaster ensues all because of a simple mistake.

Mitigate this risk with Security for Bitbucket and Security for IntelliJ, secret scanners that systematically ensure your team’s mistakes are caught before entering the repository.

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Soteri respects data sovereignty, ensuring your sensitive information remains secure, confined and never transmitted elsewhere.

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Local Applications

We are a totally offline solution meaning data never leaves the premises, prioritizing your privacy and security. While other integrations, like GitGuardian, may compromise your data, Soteri remains committed to safeguarding your sensitive information. In short, we never phone home.

Developers and DevOps Have a Critical Role in Protecting PII and IP

Soteri ensures dev teams don't leak secrets

Pull request flow

Release code with confidence

Soteri ensures no secrets are committed by checking every line of code against our list of secrets and any regex patterns defined by you.

Spend less time manually looking through code

Focus on the quality of your code, not combing through it for secrets.

Enforce best practices

Similar to how linters and unit tests enforce code quality, Soteri ensures that no secrets are inadvertently committed to the codebase.

Protect your backend

Protect yourself by ensuring no data leaks happen because of you.

Key Features

Built to maximize security in the development process

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Scan Repository

Scan all your repositories, branches, and commits for previously added secrets.

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Block Dangerous Commits

Enable the pre-receive hook to scan all new commits for secrets. When a secret is found, the commit is rejected meaning it will never enter your Bitbucket repository. Find a false positive? Ignore it with a pragma.

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Find Commonly Leaked Secrets, and Then Some

Have confidence in your Bitbucket secret scanning as 40+ secrets are automatically detected. Add unlimited custom rules (via regex) to detect other sensitive information. We automatically detect SSH keys, private keys, API keys, credentials, financial information, and much more.

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Real-Time Detection

Get real-time warnings when adding secrets in IntelliJ tools.

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Downloadable Reports of Scan Findings

Export the secret scanning findings into a CSV that'll show each Bitbucket repository, branch, and name of the secret found (+9 other columns).

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REST API for Scripting and Automation

Use the API to create automations that scan your Bitbucket repositories, download the results, and automatically notify people about them. For more complex workflows, you can automate the proper person/team depending on the secret found or where it was found.

More features

Enabled per repository, per project, or globally

Warn-only mode can notify about security issues without blocking commits

Trigger scans for a repo, a project, or the whole Bitbucket instance

Flexible workflows for false positives

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Find secrets with our suite of scanners

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Security for Bitbucket

Audit, detect, and prevent sensitive info from getting published to your repos.

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Security for IntelliJ

Detect secrets as they are entered into IntelliJ products.