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11 Best Confluence Apps (Ultimate List) [2022]

There are thousands of apps on the Atlassian Marketplace for a wide variety of use cases.

Finding the apps which are useful to you can be difficult given the massive amount available.

So, how would you find the best Confluence apps for you

Below is a list of our top 11 picks for the best Confluence add ons listed on the Atlassian Marketplace and a quick overview of each!

Alright, let's dive into the best apps for Confluence!

Ultimate List of the Best Confluence Apps

1. Diagrams & Whiteboards

Best Confluence App - is an extensible diagramming tool that allows you to make flowcharts, database schema diagrams, network diagrams and much more.  The app also offers enterprise-grade security and privacy standards beyond Atlassian security standards.  Also, switching from Visio or Gliffy to is easy.  With the Server or Data Center versions of Confluence, there is even a smooth migration path to get your diagrams to Confluence Cloud. includes many other features including:

  • Easily add shapes by double-clicking on the canvas

  • Connect shapes rapidly using direction arrows

  • Large library of shapes available

  • Enable more shapes and even add custom and 3rd party shapes

  • Draw freehand shapes using the freehand tool

Category: Charts and Diagramming

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

2. Security for Confluence - Soteri

Best Confluence App - Security for Confluence

Security for Confluence is an app that scans for sensitive information such as user credentials, API keys, credit cards, and more.  Once information is identified, the information is removed from Confluence.  This prevents sensitive information from accidentally being posted on insecure locations such as Confluence pages.  Reduce the likelihood of another Uber style breach by eliminating plain text passwords with tools like this.  Security for Confluence features include:

  • Demonstrate compliance with GDPR, CAIQ and other security standards.

  • Space and page scanning to audit for sensitive information.

  • 41 built-in patterns designed to look for commonly used types of information.

  • Add your own custom patterns to look for other sensitive information.

  • Automated scans of new page edits & historical pages.

Category: Security

Availability: Cloud, Data Center

3. Google Analytics for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Confluence is a plugin for your Cloud-based Confluence instance with Google Analytics.  This allows you to use Google Analytics to see how your Confluence instance is used and create reports based on usage.  This plugin also enables some data to be sent back to Atlassian to allow users who don’t have access to Google Analytics to see the data and gather insights.  Some additional features of this app include:

  • Privacy: User names are hashed to protect your user data.

  • Enable GA4 and Universal Analytics.

  • View instance, space, or page analytics.

  • Capture Confluence events such as page creations and updates.

  • Trigger reports when pages are added or updated.

Category: Integrations

Availability: Cloud

4. Scroll Documents for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Scroll Documents

The Scroll Documents for Confluence plugin turns Confluence into a version control system.  Using Scroll Documents, you can use advanced features for different versions of documents including permissions per version, version approval and more.  Additional features of this plugin include:

  • Track Changes: Side-by-side comparisons of documents to visually see what changed.

  • Content Reuse: Assemble new documents from existing confluence pages.

  • Publishing: Integrates with Scroll PDF and Word Exporter to produce custom exports.

  • Manage variants of documents for targeted documentation by audience.

  • Translation management.

Category: Documentation

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

5. Content Rating & Feedback for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Content Rating

Content Rating & Feedback for Confluence is a plugin which allows the gathering of feedback for your content.  Add like/dislike buttons, emojis, feedback forms and more.  Use comprehensive and exportable reports to get insights into your content and how it can be improved.  Additional features include:

  • Manage what emojis and buttons are used.

  • Restrict spaces or content types.

  • Rating statistics with configurable permissions and automated reset on content updates.

  • Additional visualization modes of criteria.

  • Change the location of the rating container to suit your needs.

Category: Documentation

Availability: Server

6. Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Scroll PDF

Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence turns your confluence pages into PDF documents with rich output control functionality and full control over styling.  Use templates to configure how pages are exported.  Export single pages or entire page trees.  Additional features of Scroll PDF Exporter include:

  • Three templates included to get you started.

  • Special optimization for printed documentation.

  • View changes to output styles in real time in Confluence.

  • Style export text with a WYSIWYG template editor.

Category: Documentation

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

7. Table Filter and Charts for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Table Filter and Charts

Table Filter and Charts for Confluence enhances the native Confluence table and chart functionality.  This app turns Confluence into an advanced spreadsheet and charting tool similar to Excel.  It also adds advanced filtering functionality and much more.  Additional features include:

  • Filter and sort tables dynamically.

  • Create charts from existing tables.

  • Pivot table for grouping and calculating values.

  • Edit tables just like Excel directly in your confluence pages.

  • Create dynamic tables using the CSV/JSON import feature.

Category: Charts and Diagramming

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

8. MacroSuite - Content Formatting Macros

Best Confluence App - MacroSuite

MacroSuite - Content Formatting Macros allows you to create beautiful Confluence pages in seconds.  Make your pages stand out using a wide range of easy-to-use macros to build unique and functional pages.  Easily add images, buttons, background images, and more to create pages that look like designer websites.  Additional features include:

  • Announcements macro draws readers attention.

  • Cards and Panels allow you to section off the page as desired.

  • Page dividers allow easily defined major section control.

  • WYSIWYG style editor for rapidly creating dynamic pages.

  • Tabs, Countdown timers, and more unique add-ons to pages.

Category: Themes and Styles

Availability: Cloud

9. No Email Storm

Best Confluence App - No Email Storm

No Email Storm is a plugin which replaces the standard “Notify watchers” checkbox with a Save & Notify button in your confluence pages.  This makes it more obvious when saving documents whether watchers of the document should be notified.  Preventing unnecessary emails when only minor changes are made to pages.  Features include:

  • Minimize the amount of email sent to users.

  • Enable/disable the plugin by user.

  • Configure the plugin for specific user groups or users.

  • Allow users to self-enable or disable the plugin.

  • Select which button (Save or Save & Notify) is prominent for your environment.

Category: Documentation

Availability: Server, Data Center

10. ScriptRunner for Confluence

Best Confluence App - ScriptRunner

ScriptRunner for Confluence is an app which eases overhead by adding functionality for administrators.  Troubleshoot user issues by viewing their screen right in your confluence page.  Automate repetitive tasks such as disabling inactive user accounts with built in scripts.  Lock content, add labels to confluence pages, 3rd party app integration, and more.  Additional features include:

  • Label management allows automated labeling of many pages simultaneously.

  • Duplicate entire spaces to test changes or archive content.

  • Delete unnecessary content in bulk to clean up your spaces.

  • Automate tasks like cleaning up spaces or adding labels to outdated content.

  • Add workflows with Jira integration.

  • Pull data from other apps with REST API for infinite extensibility.

Category: Admin Tools

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

11. Visibility for Confluence

Best Confluence App - Visibility for Confluence

Visibility for Confluence is a plugin which allows dynamically hiding or showing sections based on conditions.  This allows creation of a single confluence page which can be targeted to multiple audiences that dynamically show the appropriate content.  The dynamic sections improve the relevance of content shown to the user viewing.  Additional benefits include:

  • Deliver targeted info based on audience.

  • Simplify management of content on a single page.

  • Use users or groups to dynamically change content.

  • Increase content relevance based on the audience.

  • Reduce overhead managing permissions of spaces and pages.

Category: Macros

Availability: Cloud, Server, Data Center

How'd We Choose the Best Confluence Apps?

  • As a tech company, we rely heavily on Atlassian products

  • We are both Atlassian app creators and users (we are the team behind Security for Confluence)

  • Some of the apps here are ones we subscribe to

  • Some of the apps aren't for our use case, but we know them to be very handy for other projects

  • There's a balance between apps that are for small to large teams

  • We love apps that improve security, efficiency, and functionality!